BIOSENSING TECHNOLOGIES was born in 2013, thanks to the fund provided by Lazio Region for the establishment of spin-offs coming from the research world. The company deals with research and development in the field of biosensing technologies and related applications. All developed products are unique and highly innovative instruments hosting sensors and biosensors able to perform the fast detection of many classes of compounds dangerous for human or animal health.


There is a need worldwide for new techniques able to detect compounds or elements which can represent a risk for human health. It is extremely important, in this context, to find fast, easy and accurate techniques suitable for trace analysis. Biosensing technologies offers innovative solutions for the detection of microbiological and/or environmental contaminants by means of smart and friendly devices tailored according its customers' needs.

Application Fields

The main fields of interest, for the Company, are the industry, the environment, but also biomedics and research in general. The team of Biosensing Technologies is a multidisciplinary group with different scientific competences, from Engineering to Chemistry and Biology; this allows the Company to find technological solutions for various market sectors: water monitoring, agro-food, biomedical, space, biodefence and any other sector that can benefit from the use of highly sensitive, fast and easy analytical techniques based on sensors and biosensors.