Customerized solutions for fast and low-cost analyses of real matrices

Thanks to its experience in the field, the Company can help customers finding personalized solutions for the setup of fast and low-cost analyses of any real matrix (water, food, beverages, biological samples).


Development of analytical protocols and innovative devices based on different transduction methods (frequency, conductometry, amperometry, fluorescence)

If required, the Company can also help clients optimizing analytical protocols and designing the most suitable device and transduction method for the expected analysis.


Prefeasibility technical study

Biosensing Technologies can also evaluate, from a technical point of view, any instrument designed by others, through pre-feasibility studies. The service is performed thanks to the tools available for carrying out experimental tests on the Electronics, Mechanics, or Optics of the systems to be developed. Among the tools available, we can mention digital multimeters, data acquisition system and soldering station, useful to test the Electronics; micro-CNC and related tools for Micromechanics; and spectrometers, luminometers and radiometers, useful to test the Optics.

Rapid Prototyping

Thanks to its facilities, the company can realize prototypes in a competitive time.